Thursday, June 28, 2007

Draft Thoughts....

Here are some quick thoughts I had while watching the first (and part of the second) round...

  • Kevin Durant WILL be better than Greg Oden. I don't care if Oden wins 15 championships, Durant will always be the better pro. Just trust me.
  • The Wolves will eventually trade KG for a player chosen in the first round plus a draft pick for '08.
  • Another international player for the Spurs? When did they turn into the NBA United Nations representative?
  • Nice Freshman crop. Beyond O/D, there was Conley, Wright, Cook, Hawes, and Young. There will be some bigggg shoes to fill at the NCAA level.
  • Ray Allen to Boston? Bill Simmons (on will write an entire column praising Danny Ainge's finally doing something worth praising.
  • Last thing- Rookie of the Year will be...... KEVIN DURANT!

'Til next time...


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